1: Indulge in a scrumptious pecan praline recipe that will tickle your taste buds! Follow these simple steps for a mouthwatering treat. Enjoy!

2: Firstly, gather 1 cup of pecans, 1 cup of brown sugar, 1/2 cup of heavy cream, and 1/4 cup of unsalted butter for this delightful pecan praline treat.

3: In a saucepan over medium heat, combine the brown sugar, cream, and butter. Stir continuously until the mixture reaches a smooth consistency.

4: Once the mixture is smooth, add the pecans to the saucepan. Stir gently to coat the pecans evenly with the luscious caramel mixture.

5: Continue cooking the mixture, stirring occasionally, for approximately 10 minutes or until it thickens. Be careful not to burn the praline mixture.

6: When the mixture thickens, remove the saucepan from heat and let it cool for a few minutes. This will allow the praline to firm up.

7: Next, drop spoonfuls of the caramel-coated pecans onto a parchment-lined baking sheet. Let them cool completely before serving.

8: Once cooled and set, you can enjoy these delightful pecan pralines with friends and family. They make for a perfect dessert or a sweet treat any time of the day!

9: The combination of velvety caramel, crunchy pecans, and the right hint of sweetness make this pecan praline recipe a true indulgence. Give it a try and satisfy your sweet cravings today!

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